Product Introduction

Optical glass is used in various optical devices such as digital single lens reflex cameras, projectors, television cameras, automotive cameras, security cameras and medical devices. We have 150 types of optical glasses with different characteristics to achieve higher performance and cost reduction in product application. 134 types of optical glasses are environmental friendly because it doesn't contain lead or arsenic. All our pressing lenses was produced based on customer design and specification. Pressed shapes include prisms, cylinders, and balls. All pressing inquiries must required glass type, material specification, and detailed dimensions.

Product Types


Reheat pressings (RP) are blanks formed by auto pressing softened glass. We urge the customer to specify the dimension and glass types based on glass characteristics.

Roller Press

Roller Press are blanks formed by auto pressing softened glass and roll it to become rod formed. Use centerless grinding machine to let it become more cylinder form.

Dimensional Specified Blanks

Cut discs, cut rectangles, and cut prisms are blanks that are cut, grind or core drilled from annealed strips or slabs. These forms are generally specified when delivery is urgent and quantities are small.

Ball Lenses

Ball Lenses are formed from Roller Press. These lenses are produced into a spherical shape. Balls can be used as a preform for glass mold lens after polishing process.

Polished Lenses

The lenses have been subjected to double side polishing, centering and coating.

Glass Blocks

Blocks are annealed rectangular in shape. Two sides have a "fire polished" appearance and opposite ends are "flame cut".

Typical dimensions of strip are:
- Width: 120 to 180 mm
- Length: 250 to 330 mm
- Thickness: 8 to 40 mm

Application Example

Camera / Projection

Measuring Equipment

Medical Appliances

Space / Astronomical